Niels van Kooten | Manager Trucks & Trailers

“Human Truck Encyclopedia” is definitely a nickname that applies to Niels: this man knows everything there is to know about truck brands, history and technology. Obsessed with trucks from a young age on, he now lives his dream as our stock specialist and Manager of all Sales employees. He began an academic career in Car Engineering, but eventually chose for a more commercial side. This background explains his expansive knowledge of automotive technology, procedures, systems and products. Niels started in the car trading with Opel, Chevrolet and later Saab. But trucks are his preferred product, because every design detail is there for a custom purpose: for special loads or transport, or to satisfy a driver’s specific wishes. He appreciates the unique qualities of every brand, but Scania with its `chicken` logo he finds a bit more ‘tough’. The massiveness, design and size of Scania trucks especially appeal to him.

Niels sees Kleyn as a wonderful place to work, because of its immense scale in operations and stock, and in its worldwide reach. A leader in innovations, diversity and size, Kleyn has existed for over 90 years because it’s core business remains honest trade. These 90 years have established Kleyn’s name in the industry, as Coca-Cola is established in the soda sector. He is sure the strong reputation of Kleyn will only expand in years to come.

Do you have a truck question for Niels? Send him a tweet @Niels_Kleyn!

Languages: Dutch, German, English, Polish and French
Unique Quality: Human Truck Encyclopedia  
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